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Aldo Uberti founded his company in the Italian mountains Alps in 1959 to restore old but significant Old West period and American Civil War firearms. The plant was founded in Gardone (Brescia province) that is famous due to the firearms masters from the end of the Middle Ages.

Aldo Uberti started his education in Zanardelli armored school and when he was fourteen he went to work for Beretta that was a key factor in his career. He started on the eve of American Civil War century, when he got a suggestion from American businessmen wanted to supply the demand of perspective market. The first UBERTI replica was 1851 Colt Navy revolver aftewards the other Middle Ages Colt models. Then they produced Remington and Winchester. That time Colt stopped its famous 1873 Cattleman revolver production.

In 1970 UBERTI was already worldwide famous firearms replicas manufacturer due to its high quality standarts and using not casting but swaging technology. Beretta group bought Aldo Uberti company in 2000. Due to the fact the production was updated, expanded and modernized. Due to high precision machine tools many production processes became to operate automatically since 2002 but there are a big handwork up to now in this type guns production.