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Souvenir gifts: Colt frame inert reviolver, Colt 1873 Cattleman model, ABel trade mark, serial production.

Made in 1872 this is a gun that needs no introduction. The buyer can specify either the “old model” screw retainer for the cylinder pin or the more convenient “new model” plunger. The grip frame can be either steel or brass and, on the metal surface, you can select standard blueing, eye-catching charcoal blueing, full nickel plating, white finish, old west antique
finish. Grips can also be selected, i.e. smooth walnut, checkered walnut, black plastic, polymer ivory, pearl or buffalo. These single actions are available also with a “birdhead”
style grip (only in walnut). Uberti has such a vast range of Single Action revolvers – between the finish, caliber and barrel length, you are looking at an assortment of over 500,000 different models. Incredible but true!